Blocking Google Talk in your Organization

Recently I was assigned the task of Blocking Google Talk service for the organization I work.

In Google Talk Developer Info: it was told that the Google Talk service runs at url: at port 5222. Tracert revealed that points to @

But: Blocking at port 5222 does not block Google Talk service.

Then I used’s OmniPeek Personal Edition to probe out a packet level analysis.

Google Talk uses Port 80, Port 443 and Port 5223 other than Port 5222 for its communication purposes. Also: Google Talk connects to, and other than

Blocking all these 4 addresses blocks Google Talk at both Browser and Talk Client. Note: This does not disable Google mail.

Bottom line: Block access to,, and on ports 80, 443, 5222 and 5223.

Note1: This is one of the measures to Block Google Talk. Meebo has an option wherein one can logon to any IM network., including Google, MSN and Yahoo!. So does Kool IM, eBuddy and ILoveIM. So you got to block these sites too if you want to curb IM misuse.

Note2: Geeks will get on a workaround like using an SSH Tunnel, public proxies, TOR, etc., In order to circumvent this., you got to use thirdparty traffic shapers like Akonix IM Control, Websense, etc., that sniff out Jabber traffic and prevent usage of proxies.

Note3: If you want to Block File Transfers in Google Talk block Ports 20 and 21.

Note4: This blocks Google Talk Gadget too !!!

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16 thoughts on “Blocking Google Talk in your Organization

  1. Hi
    Nice piece of info you shared …

    But I believe that these IP also varies time to time. Me on linux ;)
    Not sure. Please confirm.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Tom,

    I’m sure they run on Static IP’s. Google has their own ISP.

    I’m personally following this in my organization, till date there has not been any breach. I check it every week and so far they haven’t changed it!

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  4. hello,

    i have tried the above method (PORT) but it also blocks yahoo IM. Any other specific port numbers for Google talk .. I just want to block google talk and gmail but allow yahoo messenger…. Pls

  5. hi there,

    i have added following line to my ip firewall to block gtalk but it doesn’t work.!!!

    ipfw add 033 deny all from any to,,, dst-port 80,443,5222,5223 out via bge0

    is there anything else i need to tweak?

    i am using freebsd 7 with squid 3.14.


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